Marianela Pérez

Marianela Perez G. is an extraordinary visual artist. Marianela has developed her own voice in abstract painting and photography. Born in Caracas Venezuela, grew up surrounded by a colorful and tropical atmosphere, which inspired her from a young age, to the pursuit of color and an avid curiosity for form and aesthetics, making evident her inclination for the arts.

Graduated with a degree in commercial art from Endicott College Massachusetts, where she furthermore developed her passion for painting and photography and found her unique voice. Moved by her innate curiosity to discover more in-depth her aesthetic and creative instincts, she returned to Caracas, Venezuela and proceeded to graduate with a degree in environmental design. Perez also continues her studies at the prestigious school of Roberto Mata in the field of photography.

As an artist she has excelled at the opportunity to paint along different national and international creators and has since opened her palette to experiment with different media, as well as various techniques. She looks for colors from the impressionistic movement and then dramatically changes towards abstract expressionism creating a marvelous transformative journey.

In the realm of photography Perez has found a need to express herself using the camera as her medium, creating one-of-a-kind images more than capturing them, transforming the urban landscape and everyday objects into a unique outcome. Additionally, she is exceptionally able to transform the apparently visible into abstract images, noise into music, hazy sights into illuminated reflections. Her current paintings express the nature of color, the abstract and fractal geometry. Her inspiration comes from her travels, her freedom and the joy of being alive. She transcends the concept of time and space, color and the shape into other dimensions and captures movement where they can coexist in reality.

Some masters that continue to influence her artwork are: Picasso, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Malevich, David Hockney, Soto, and Cruz Diez. Her contemporary artwork is showing in galleries in various cities including Caracas, Miami, NY, and London among others.

A pure harmony of lines and a distinct combination of colors invite you to contemplate her work.

Marianela Perez is living and creating in Miami, Florida.